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  • เกี่ยวกับเรา

Electronic Industry Public Company Limited’s core business is the manufacture of electronic components with investments in businesses with growth potential and high returns. The Company has invested in Smart Traffic Co Ltd a company that designs, develops and sells Electronic Tollway Collection Systems (ETCS) for use in the collection of expressway tolls (Easy Pass), electronic payment via mobile phone or Near Field Communication (NFC) and payment by credit card (VISA Paywave) for transportation, management systems and exchange of points issued by retail outlets and telecoms (Loyalty Programs), and the preparation of a common ticketing system and Clearing House (Clearing House). EIC took the first steps toward globalization in 2015, by investing not only outside Thailand, but also into an exciting new business arena; namely, sports through Thai Prime Investments Limited 100% subsidiary of EIC. The company has invested in Sport Events International that manages and activates sport events around the world. It has two major properties: F5WC (Football Five’s World Championship), World Soccer 5’s.